ARC Clubmobile
WWII Re-Enactment Group

The ARC Clubmobile Service was created by Harvey D.Gibson, ARC
Commissioner for Europe and England in 1942.
The idea was to take a service club on wheels to the soldiers on the Battlefield. Just seeing an
American woman brought a bit of comfort and a taste of home, in the form of doughnuts and
hot coffee, to the war-weary men.
Harvey D. Gibson

We are a group of women who have played soldiers with the 514th for many years
and have decided to join them in the re-enacting department, but obviously
we were unable to join their regiment and have now found something which we
can re-enact alongside them.
We have now almost completed the outside of our GMC Clubmobile,
here are some photos taken at "The Overlord Show" Horndean 2006.
Clubmobile Photos